The 4 steps to generate cashflow from
website investing

Even if you have no experience, limited time and money.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Discover this new asset class and understand why the words "2x" will make you smile.
Understand why right now is the best time to invest in this new asset class.
Learn the 4 types of people who typically invest in websites and we'll discuss "does experience really matter".
You'll see how a $20K website investment that returned 1,050% ROI over 3 years (and how much work it actually took).
Discover the simple 4 Step L.E.A.P. deal finding system to eliminate bad deals and vet winners to find the real gems.
Explore the two "scaling up" strategies and see which one will suit you.

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"There's a ton of practical advice and tips given which you can put into action immediately"

Ian McLaren

"Jeff breaks down the entire process that he's used hundreds of times, and does so in a way that makes it easily digestible."

Jamon Hill

About The Presenter

Jeff Hunt is an internet investor, website owner and Internet marketer. He supports his family of 6 from his home PC and iPhone.

Over the last 7 years, Jeff has bought and sold over 400 income producing websites.

Jeff authored “the Website Investor” where he shares his 7+ years of experience to new online investors.

He speaks, teaches and coaches and is always on the lookout for the next big deal.

As a Project Executive for IBM, Jeff managed $25 million annual outsourcing contracts for mega-clients including Kodak and Sony-Ericsson. In between offline and online careers his family spent 7 years in a West Asian country serving students, families and small businesses.

Today Jeff enjoys capitalizing on internet opportunities and helping others to do the same. He actively buys and grows websites with the intent of creating multiple passive income streams.

Jeff makes his home in Indianapolis with his wife and 4 kids.

More Praise for Jeff Hunt

"With Jeff's guidance I purchased a site with a return on the initial investment in 10 months, and the business generating $1,600 to $2,000 per month in net profit."

John S

"Jeff does a remarkable job deep diving into the facets of website investing. He breaks down his methods of where to find opportunities, how to evaluate and find the best candidate with tips on the best available tools you can utilize."

Greg Greenwald

"Jeff is super, super wickedly smart. He has massive success in this area. Not a lot of people know him, but he's super brilliant as an underground marketer who BUYS his way into profits."

Alex Mandossian

"Jeff's information will likely be the place you return to again and again, because while he teaches great tactics, the principles he shows are filled with the wisdom that only comes from years of being in the tranches and doing the work"

Jonathan Kraft

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