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Tips for Finding the Right Web Hosting for Your Business

Web Hosting is a huge topic. Bluehost, Go Daddy, HostGator, Pressidium, VPS.net, Site Ground, Site 5, 1 and 1, Amazon, JustHost, and Reliableserver.net are just some of the options

The right hosting platform for you depends on the kind of site that you have. These tips are for starter sites or medium-sized sites. This includes shared hosting, VPN, or cloud hosting.

We aren’t going to recommend specific hosts as that is time-bound. These are tips on what to look for.

Customer Support

Ease of Speed and Customer Support

This makes or breaks the host. If it isn’t easy to contact them, they’re not good.

Chat is a great interface—it’s better than telephone because you can paste things in and communicate specific URLs and domain names and things like that with less error in chat. Some hosts have pretty good quality support and their ease of access is nice, but response times are very slow. You can sometimes wait 30 minutes to get somebody on chat in the past. Even if they have chat, if they don’t answer the chat quickly, it is very frustrating.

Quality of Customer Support

There are a few hosts out there that do a really good job of having someone answer you, but those people don’t what they’re doing. They don’t solve your problems. They have to escalate to other people. They can’t do simple things.


Look for Good Uptimes

You don’t want downtime. You want to uptime. When you research your sites, look for the highest number of uptimes for the best price.


Look at security concerns. Some sites do very well at protecting you from denial of service attacks and other kinds of attacks. Some don’t have any protection for you whatsoever.


The speed of the infrastructure is really important. Some hosts have their own caching facility or their own CDNs built in as part of the service and others do not have those. Again, balance this out with cost.


If you have WordPress sites, then you may be looking at WordPress hosting which are providers who know about web WordPress who can keep it updated for you. This is a specific niche and you should see to it you have a provider who can serve you well here. You can do a search on WordPress to find the best ones.


Some of the better web hosts get worse over time as they grow they don’t. They don’t seem to be able to scale effectively. As they grow, their customer support gets worse.

Sometimes some of the giants like Go Daddy scale effectively. They have systems to be able to host tens of thousands of customers or even hundreds of thousands. But they’re getting as many customers on a server as they possibly can and they’re trying to service as many customers with the fewest number of support staff. You become a victim of the law of averages.

Find a good host but don’t stop there. Once good providers turn bad so continue to update your knowledge and be willing to change your host when they’re no longer serving you well.

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