How to Resurrect Your Dying Website

Websites can be dying for a thousand different reasons. Sometimes when things are going wrong, you need to step back and come up with a strategy of how to turn things around.

Diagnose the Problem

The first thing you need to do is effectively diagnose your problem. You need to go at least three levels deep to do so.

  • Level One: Identify that declining traffic as your problem. This is surface level


  • Level Two: Consider why your traffic is declining. Maybe competition is emerging, or Google has changed its algorithm again. Maybe you have infrastructure problems or SEO problems with your site. Choose the item of highest priority. It is crucial to pick a problem, even if you aren’t completely confident that it is the right one.


  • Level Three: Figure out why the competitors are ahead of you. Maybe they have better links, better user engagement, or better quality. You need to choose something.

Let’s say on Level Two, the problem is that new competitors are emerging. They’re pushing your site down in the rankings; and on level three, you realize that they are running better, more comprehensive articles than you are.

Build a Strategy

You need to put a strategy together to address that problem.

Perhaps you need to write content that is three times longer than your average competitor.

Maybe you need to have more user engagement, so you put up videos, format the website better, and intrigue them and give them really useful information that’ will cause them to read longer and take more actions on your page.

Set an Achievable Goal

After you have diagnosed the problem and built a strategy, set an achievable goal. A realistic, measurable goal that you can reach decisively.

Hire a writer and ask them to make a single article way better, and see if you can beat our competitors with it. We test that one article.

It might feel as though one article isn’t going to make a single difference.

But, you have to identify something to turn this ship around. You need to have a working strategy, and the only way you can do that is to actually test something, and demonstrate that you can win.

Improve Your Strategy

Make that strategy more cost effective. Make that strategy scalable. Systemize the strategy so that you can apply it to more articles on your site

Scale It

Exercise that strategy against hundreds of pieces of content, not just that one.

It all starts in step two, when you set the goal and you achieve it. You demonstrate to yourself that you can diagnosis problems and overcome them.

Trust Progressive Improvements

You may be feeling overwhelmed with this whole process, because you think that you have so many articles to re-write, and your problem could be bigger and more complex than that.

But the way you resurrect things is to solve one problem at a time.

If there are things that you can do in parallel, that’s fine. But if you start to discover that you’re working on a lot of different problems and the boat is not moving at all, then throw everything aside.

You pick just one of those problems, and you kill it, then you put it aside and move to the next one. This is how you turn things around.

With each problem, repeat this process from the very beginning. Start with the diagnosis step, create a strategy, set an achievable goal, and then kill that goal. Improve on your strategy, scale it.

Rinse, wash, repeat.


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