Can You Make Money Blogging?

Nowadays, there is a wealth of information available about how many people are blogging and how much they’re making. did a survey and they found that about 9% of the respondents said they’re making between $1,000 and $10,000 a month. Another 4% said that they were making more than ten thousand dollars a month. That leaves 7% who are making less than $1,000 a month according to that survey. Another company,, did a survey and they found that 81% of the people who responded said they were never made more than $100 from their blog.

It’s important to take these numbers with a grain of salt.

The people who are responding to these surveys are those who are still actually reading their blogs and actively interested and so it’s quite possible that there are thousands of other people who have tried and failed, tried and stopped or just aren’t participating. says that there are about 30.6 million bloggers in the United States alone 30.6 million is a huge number.  There are probably much larger numbers of people who tried and did not make money who didn’t respond to the survey than those who wanted to respond and say how much they make.

The good news is, there is money to be made online

A blog is just one business model that you can invest in online. There are also e-commerce sites that sell physical products or some sort of digital products, like courses or imagery or music or video and of course there are sites that perform software as a service where there’s an automation or tool in exchange for a monthly subscription or lead generation site. So, just because you’re a blogger doesn’t mean your only option for being in the website online business is your blog.

Remember, your blog is a liquid commodity and its saleability depends on how its created. Niche websites, and niche blogs in particular, do very well in the marketplace.  Even if you have a generic blog about a topic or a niche, it’s quite likely that you’ll be able to sell that blog. If you’ve structured your blogs persona around your face and your personality, it will be more difficult when you’re trying to sell it later.

Generally speaking, most blogs are sellable and that means they’re also buyable. You don’t have to necessarily start from scratch and plug away to build up an audience over a long period of time and do all the technical work, the design work, the marketing work at the beginning to have a successful blog. You can also invest in other types of websites on the open marketplace.

As a blogger you can certainly make money

What distinguishes people who are successful at it from those who aren’t is firstly, following a good system and doing the right things but secondly, and really importantly, is sticking with it – the perseverance to be consistent about what you’re writing about, in the creation of your content and the quality of that content over a long period time, and then following the other steps that you may not have been aware are necessary such as posting on social media, promoting, reaching out to people or building an email list. There are different techniques that can help you be successful, but they require some discipline or some process or some outsourcing, some expense sometimes to get things done.

So, if you are willing to do those things or if you’re willing to buy into a business that has already done those things you can absolutely be in that 5% to 10% of bloggers who are successful and successful in a financially meaningful way because you can also be very successful as a blogger but not really make any money from your blog.

Take time to think outside the box

If you’re thinking about online business and you’ve started by thinking about blogging because there’s 30 million people already doing it, you should also be aware of the other business types as discussed in this article.

I encourage you to sign up for listings for different brokerages and marketplaces, like Flipper, to see what kinds of blogs and other website businesses are on sale. Find something that catches your interest and then think about how that can help you hone what your strategy might be for getting into online business.

Think about your ultimate goal, whether it’s to add income, whether it’s to express your ideas to people, whether it’s to replace your job or just simply to deliver a new service or idea or product to the marketplace that has value to people. Whatever your strategy is, as you review listings you can see how these kinds of existing websites fit into a potential strategy that you might have whether you’re buying them or whether you’re going to build one that looks like those.


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